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Private Medical Insurance

As a way of avoiding those long NHS waiting times, which can be of 4 months duration or even sometimes more, to gain an appointment and undergo any necessary treatment, many individuals prefer to take out private medical insurance as an alternative.

Private medical insurance provides for additional peace of mind whereby, should you become ill or you are injured in some way, you will be able to avail of high level care which is both prompt and also convenient for you. It can pay for the costs involved with private day patient surgery, hospital accommodation, and also for medical tests.

Private medical insurance, also known as health insurance, is able to cover the cost of private medical treatment for medical conditions that are referred to as ‘acute’ – illness, disease, or injuries that are likely to respond rapidly to medical treatment.

Similar to other types of insurance products, there are of course a variety of levels of cover, and at a whole spectrum of contrasting premiums.

We provide you with a wide-ranging variety of UK-focused private medical insurance options, including Benenden Health Cover, Simply Health Insurance, AXA Health Insurance, and Saga Healthcare.

Simply have a look below at the alternatives and we’ll be sure that your needs will be entirely met, and you’ll find the policy that’s best suited to you.

Benenden Health Care

Benenden Health provides an expansive range of well-being and discretionary healthcare services to individuals as well as business members. For the last 100 years and more, Benenden Health Care has been evolving. Although healthcare services will constantly have to adapt, the ethos at Benenden Health will never change. Benenden Health Care will always come through for you with respect to your private medical insurance requirements.

Benenden Health represent an alternative kind of healthcare provider. Benenden Health place the client at the heart of everything they so as to help them enjoy the upmost of health. Unlike many other private medical insurers, Benenden Health Cover Services and product ranges are furnished on a discretionary basis.

Benenden Healthcare are not an insurer. Instead, they are a mutual. In other words, each member client pays the same monthly amount, and this is used to help those clients who require Benenden Healthcare Services.

The company also offer a Benenden Health Cover package suited specifically to those individuals who are over the age of 50 – the Over 50s Life Cover Plus.

Simply Health

Simply Health Insurance offers a variety of solutions for you and your family. SimplyHealth also provide options for those who are over 70 years of age through the Simply Cash Plan 70+.

Simply Health boast upwards of 3 million customers, of which 20,000 are companies. Additionally, they have been in the healthcare business for more than 140 years, and always providing affordable healthcare to their patrons. With no shareholders to answer to, Simply Health continually invest their profits straight back into their business.

With SimplyHealth you get to choose your benefits. Everyone who opts for Simply Personal Health is provided with Diagnosis cover. Furthermore, you can choose from a further two Simply Health insurance cover options, including treatment and cover for heart conditions and cancer. With Simply Health, you receive the care and cover you need, as and when you need it. Choose SimplyHealth today!

AXA Health Insurance

Together with over 70 years of experience and with more than 2 million members, you can be very sure you’ll benefit from AXA Healthcare in addition to the support on offer from the world’s largest insurer from AXA Health Care. With a wide range of plans to offer, AXA medical insurance are well versed in meeting the needs of you and your family. It’s a great time to join AXA Health Insurance UK, whether you require AXA Medical Insurance or AXA PPP Health Care.

There are many other advantages of being a healthcare member with AXA Health Insurance. Among those benefits are:

• Highly-trained team at AXA Health Insurance UK that handle Fast Track Appointments, which inevitably will get you seen faster at AXA Health Care.

• You will only talk with experienced health professionals within the AXA Medical Insurance team. AXA Healthcare will even go so far as to source English-speaking doctors when you travel overseas.

• AXA Health Insurance UK will provide market-leading coverage as well as care for those conditions that tend to cause the most concern for people – namely cancer and heart conditions. There’s also a Dedicated Nurse helpline at AXA PPP Health Care. The nurses offer a listening ear when you or your family has the need.

Saga Healthcare

Saga Healthcare is a private service provision exclusively for the over 50’s. It’s Saga’s mission to make healthcare as affordable as possible. Should you opt to pay by monthly direct debit, and you hold onto your policy for a minimum of 12 months, you also receive the first 3 months free of charge with Saga Healthcare.

To make comparisons of UK private medical insurance and find the very best offers available to you, we’ve put together a comparison service for the following companies:

Benenden Healthcare

Simply Health

Axa Healthcare

Saga Healthcare

All four companies have been in the healthcare insurance business for more than long enough to understand your requirements exactly. And all four providers offer extremely competitive pricing on their private medical insurance coverage. You know for sure that you’ll get the best quote when you use our free instant quote service today!


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